Product Roadmap

The r42 chart library is in continuous development. We break down this development into milestones, whereby we aim to finish each milestone within 6 weeks.

However, we favour quality over speed: Updates to existing charts and new charts are only released if we are completely satisfied with the outcome and this may impact the timeline.

Current Milestone

Milestone #1Milestone 1

New chart:

  • Map Slideshow: Create a slideshow with the heatmap

Feature updates

  • Progress Bar: Allow to remove truncation from titles
  • Simple Bar Chart: Limit number of dimensions shown


    Future Milestones

    Milestone #2Milestone 2

    New chart:

    • Time Brush: Quickly filter data on your dashboard with a convenient visual tool

    Feature updates

    • Funnel: Legend and tooltips for use with a dimension
    • Sunburst: Multiple updates to our free sunburst diagram


    We will also start to release a series of videos explaining all chart features. Furthermore you can expect sample reports to give you more ideas on how to use these charts.

    Milestone #3Milestone 3

    New chart:

    • New Progress Bar: This radial progress bar can be configured with two targets

    Feature updates

    • Scorecards: Introducing a new vertical layout
    • Timeplot: Multiple updates to our free timeplot

    Milestone #4Milestone 4

    New chart:

    • Gauges: Visually appealing gauges

    Feature updates

    • Simple Bar Chart: Use bar chart as filter
    • Hexbin Map: Multiple updates to our free hexbin map


    Milestone #5Milestone 5

    New chart:

    • Simple Bar Chart: Vertical version of existing bar chart

    Feature updates

    • Bullet Graph: More flexible layout
    • Bullet Graph: Enable small multiples

    Milestone #6Milestone 6

    New charts:

    • Hexagon map: 3D Hexagon map 
    • Waffel Chart
    • Bullet Graph with 2 targets